1. This year’s event is dedicated to the family. As a result, it offers children a rich program of events.
    a. 1000m Primary School Student Race (30.04.2023)
    b. Children’s Chess Championship (29.04.2023)
    c. Demonstration program of Traditional Dances of Primary School Students (30.04.2023)
    d. Children’s gathering/party with a program of creative activities, Kids’ Athletics and educational games that will be developed alongside the competition program in a specially designed area at the Finish (Sponsors’ Village)
  2. The organization in collaboration with the cooperating Institutional Tourism Organizations provides the possibility of tourist city tours (within the municipality of Thessaloniki as well as the collaborating municipalities where the marathon race passes by).
  3. The organization supports and is supported by eighty-four (84) social service providers, who, within the framework of the organization, have the opportunity to carry out social responsibility actions by supporting sensitive social groups in their field of activity. At the same time, they are financially supported by the organization, since part of the participation fee of the runners who make up their running team is allocated to the social organizations in favor of the purpose they fulfill.
  4. The organization, as part of its social responsibility program, support sports and school infrastructures and actions of its institutional and voluntary support bodies.
  5. Upon the proposal of the O.C., the six Municipalities that the International Marathon ‘ALEXANDER THE GREAT’ passes through, and the Institutional Supporters of the event work together clean up the streets and curbs of the race routes (Marathon, 10,000m, 5.000m, 1.000m). An action crucial not only for the quality of the event, but also for the hygiene and the aesthetic image of the specific areas as well as the health of the community.
  6. At the end of the racing program, all the materials that are used for the needs of the event (approximately 90,000 materials such plastic bottles and glasses etc.) are being recycled.
  7. In parallel with the event, the municipalities that support the racing program organize several sport and cultural events of local nature, especially along the marathon route.
  8. As part of the opening ceremony of the Alexander Peace Walk (Pella – Thessaloniki), various actions and events are held in areas – stopovers along its route, which convey messages of peace, reconciliation, dialogue and respect between peoples.