Volunteerism is one of the most important success factors of the International Marathon ALEXANDER THE GREAT. The volunteers are highly respected by the participant runners. Their valuable services and the selfless devotion contribute to the constant development of the organization as well as to the provision of high-quality services not only for the runners, but also for the supporting social offer associations.

The volunteers offer their smile, love, willingness and respect as well as their services during the preparation of the organization and the conduction of the event.

To participate as a volunteer fill in the online application here till March 25, 2022.


Volunteer Section

Preparation period (November 26 – November 28,2020)
1) Registration Center (TIF – HELEXPO, November 26 – November 28, 2022))

Race Day (Sunday 10, April 2022) Race day availability is required
1) Marathon Race – Start area Pella
2) Marathon course support stations (water, drinks, snacks)
3) 10km Health and Power Walking Race
4) 10km course support stations (water, drinks, snacks)
5) 5km Health and Power Walking Race
6) 5km course support stations (water, drinks, snacks)
7) 1km Race of Primary School Students
8) Finish Point – Alexander the Great Statue – Thessaloniki coastal road
9) Medical Services
10) Course Security

A strong core of volunteers and voluntary groups has been created over time. These people are always present and support all the sports, cultural, environmental and social activities. Thus, apart from sports, social, cultural, environmental and historic issues, Thessaloniki, Macedonia and Greece are also highlighted touristically.

The family of the International Marathon ALEXANDER THE GREAT is constantly embracing new members, which are trained and constitute the staff of the various sectors, contributing decisively to the evolution of the organization which highlights our city and country globally.

Join us!

For further information, please contact on the following number 2310200360
Volunteers Coordinators: Ioanna Christopoulou and Victoria Papageorgiou, email: volunteers@atgm.gr

Marathon Office, National Kaftanzoglio Stadium, 54638, Thessaloniki
tel: 2310200360, info@atgm.gr