Impressive numbers of entries for the 12th International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT, both for Greek and foreign runners,  particularly please the Organising and Technical Committee, which makew every effort to improve the services provided to the runners, as well as the parallel cultural, environmental and social events that will accompany the competition program of the event, giving new emotions and personal records to the participants.

The registration number for the 12th International “Alexander the Great” Marathon has been impressive so far, both for Greek as well as foreign runners. This is especially satisfying for the Organizing and the Technical Committee, which make every effort not only to improve the provided services to the runners, but also to the smooth conduction of the parallel cultural, environmental and social events that will be happening in the context of the event’s schedule, in hopes of giving a great thrill and new record performances.

Runners can acquire information from the race’s proclamation and its official website. They can check all four courses of the race, which provide excellent racing conditions and performances, as well as full support and pleasure to every runner.

The Pella-Thessaloniki historic marathon route is accompanied by the 10000 and 5000m Health & Power Walking Races and the 1000m Elementary School Students Race, where people of every age and skill can run or walk.
We ALL can, we ALL participate!

At the same time, the Organizing Committee, in cooperation with the race’s supporters and sponsors, is working to ensure that the runners will be provided with some unique offers along with their participation, which will be announced through our official website, media sponsors and social media.

On Sunday, April 2nd, 2017, the 12th International “Alexander The Great” Marathon will be full of smiling runners’ faces of every age and skill. It is going to become a great springtime celebration for Thessaloniki and Greece and will complement the autumnal celebration of Thessaloniki’s International Night Half Marathon.

The registration deadline is on March 8th for individual and March 3rd for group registrations. The organization – that has really become an institution – is calling people to include sports in their lives through their participation and promises a unique running experience for another year.

Registration can be made through the following ways:

a. By filling in the online application form at the organization’s official website , and at

b. By sending the printed application form via email on or, or via fax on 0030.2310-200.361, M.E.A.S TRITON

c. In person at the Central Marathon Offices “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”, at National Kaftanzoglio Stadium, tel: (+30) 2310200360

d. Via a cooperating Institution of Social Offer: runners can submit their registration form directly at the Institution they choose, thus joining its Running Team.

This year too, the Organizing Committee wishes that the runners participate by joining one of the 52 Social Institutions, which support and are supported by the organization.

The 12th International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT” is organized by M.E.A.S. TRITON, under the aegis of Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO, Hellenic Athletics Federation and AIMS, and with the support of Hellenic Tourism Organization and Hellenic Athletics Federation of Thessaloniki. It is also supported by the Sub Ministry of Macedonia – Thrace, Precinct of Central Macedonia, the Municipalities of Thessaloniki, Pella, Ampelokipi – Menemeni, Chalkidona, Delta and Kordelio – Evosmos, as well as by many Institutional, Supporting and Volunteering Bodies.

The Marathon of History! Everyone should be there!